Restoring Native Ecosystems ◆ Reversing the Trend of Extinction ◆ Building Resilience

Conservation Council for Hawai‘i is dedicated to protecting native Hawaiian plants, animals, and ecosystems for future generations.

Charting the course for the next decade, Conservation Council for Hawai‘i projects and campaigns are guided by five strategic themes:

  1. Protecting Hawai’I’s Unique Native Species and Habitats
  2. Supporting Endangered Species Recovery and Preventing Extinction
  3. Building Climate Resilience Mauka to Makai
  4. Combating Invasive Species and Advancing Biosecurity
  5. Defending Hawaii’s Public/Ceded Lands and Open Spaces

Our programs are based on careful scientific research, public education, grassroots organizing, advocacy, and service. We are practiced at identifying and interpreting the critical scientific research that is relevant to the issues we champion. We provide accurate information to the general public and decision-makers, and we build grassroots support by bringing essential stakeholders to the table. As the Hawai‘i state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, we are involved in national issues affecting Hawai‘i, and we have a voice on Capitol Hill. We also produce informative and attractive educational materials for Hawai‘i’s educators, students, and decision-makers, and we sponsor field trips so that people can witness firsthand what we are working so hard to protect.